Album Review: Robyn-Body Talk

Five years is a long time in the shiny merry-go-round of pop music. X Factor winners come and go, and those who sat at the top of the charts one week are quickly usurped by someone more cool and sparkly the next. It’s been half a decade since Robyn’s self-titled album climbed to number 13 in the UK album charts, and it looks like she’s been making up for lost time. Frustrated by the normal write/record/promote/tour cycle, the Swedish pixie pop star has released three albums in less than six months, which has allowed her to tour and write whilst fans continue to enjoy new material. The final album in Robyn’s Body Talk trilogy is a compilation of sorts, including 10 tracks from Body Talk parts 1 and 2, along with four new tracks and a re-recording of ‘Indestructible’ from Body Talk Part 2. If you can persevere through the second track, ‘Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do’, which, as my flatmate put it, sounds like a government health warning – “my drinking’s killing me/my smoking is killing me/my diet’s killing me”- without the song or your Wednesday morning hangover actually killing you, Body Talk unfolds into a well crafted pop gem. Whilst the new material on this album could so easily be filler between previously released singles, the new songs are amongst the best on the album. Readers should be warned that listening to ‘Get Myself Together’ may lead to dancing round the house like a loon. ‘Stars 4-Ever’ is similarly catchy, although at 31, Robyn should be old and wise enough to realise that she shouldn’t try to sound so ‘down wid da kidz’, as she also attempts on ‘None of Dem’ and ‘U Should Know Better’. The latter features her friend from the ‘hood, Snoop Dogg, who quips with his usual chauvinism, ‘take her to my hotel room and then bone her’, and the two converge to attack the Man in a haze of synths and expletives. Earlier releases ‘Dancing On My Own’ and ‘Hang With Me’ set the tone for the rest of the album-catchy, frank and fun, laced with Robyn’s unique brand of angsty pop. For best results, team with a pair of noise-reducing earphones and a large hairbrush.

-from Issue 232 (6/12/10) of Epigram. You can read the rest of the Music section here.


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