Album Review: Rizzle Kicks – Stereo Typical

With a band name reminiscent of an E number-laden sweet, Rizzle Kicks’ debut album is just as saccharine. The decision to release the album in October is an odd one as the band’s blend of humorous lyrics and soul-tinged samples are evocative of Lily Allen’s summery sound. ‘Mama Do the Hump’, demonstrates the potential of the Brighton duo, with a catchy hook and references to the track’s celebrity producer in the lyric ‘it ain’t over til the Fat Boy Slims’. On songs such as ‘Down with the Trumpets’, however, the band’s lack of ability to write strong choruses is laid bare, with the refrain ‘let’s get down with the trumpets’ bordering on irritating.  Fans of the band’s collaboration with Olly Murs on his number one single ‘Hearts Skips a Beat’ will not be disappointed, although it’s a shame the album doesn’t feature more Murs-style pop hooks. Having said that, Rizzle Kicks have far more integrity than Murs, as demonstrated in ska-influenced ‘Learn My Lesson’. Clearly influenced by De La Soul, Stereo Typical combines hip-hop, soul, pop and indie, but in trying to fuse these musical genres, Rizzle Kicks struggle to make a real impact.

-from Issue 241 (24.10.11) of Epigram.


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