Album Review: Pixie Lott – Young Foolish Happy

The prospect of John Legend and Stevie Wonder appearing on the same album is a rather exciting one, until you realise that the record they feature on is that of bronze-thighed pop singer Pixie Lott. Lott recruited both Legend and Wonder to add gravitas to her pseudo-soul sound, with the former featuring on ‘You Win’, an attempt at a smooth love song, exposing Lott’s voice at its scratchiest. After a chance encounter with Stevie Wonder at a restaurant in Los Angeles, Lott persuaded him to perform a harmonica solo on the annoyingly chirpy ‘Stevie on the Radio’. Other collaborators on the album include Kanye West protégé, Pusha T, and hip-pop star Tinchy Styder on Bright Lights (Good Life) Part II which is perhaps the highlight of an otherwise uninspiring album. There is a feeling that Lott’s producers brought in industry heavyweights in an bid to cover up the fact she struggles to hold a tune at the best of times, but Lott’s five-sheets-of-sandpaper-a-day tone permeates through all attempts to cover it up. ‘All About Tonight’, the first single taken from Young Foolish Happy, is the closest Lott comes to reaching the highs of her debut album Turn It Up, and will probably save her from being ditched by her loyal fans. Such devotees might be interested in Lott’s love life, but her account of a day spent with her beau on ‘Perfect’ is nauseating for anyone who does not find the idea of her getting it on with her orange boyfriend in front of the telly particularly cute.  Album opener ‘Come Get It Now’ sounds like a Simply Red cover, although Lott’s irritating nasal tones makes Mick Hucknall sound like one of God’s cherubs in comparison, but even this isn’t the low point of the record. The honour of worst track undoubtedly falls on ‘Birthday’, which features the inspired lyrics ‘it started out as the worst day/but now you got me feeling like it’s my birthday/you got me singing like oh oh oh’. Weak lyrics such as these are found in abundance throughout the album, so it’s a surprise to learn that Lott has been honing her songwriting skills since she was 14.

It was announced in July that Lott had been signed to prestigious modelling agency Select, so one can hope that this, combined with her ongoing collaboration with high street chain Lipsy will mean that there is little prospect of a third album.

-from Issue 243 of Epigram.


Now, at this point, I usually post a video of a song from the aforementioned album. However, Pixie Lott’s effort is so dire, I wouldn’t want to inflict it on anyone, so shall we just watch Christian Bale dance in an anorak instead?



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