Album Review: Kathleen Edwards – Voyageur

Canadian Edwards’ fourth album comes four years after the release of her critically acclaimed Asking for Flowers. Tinged with her signature Americana style, Voyageur chronicles the breakdown of her marriage and is co-produced by her current beau, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. Listeners hoping for a female answer to For Emma, Forever Ago will be disappointed; where Vernon’s breakup album was a sparse obituary for a past love, Edwards’ is a wistful review of a relationship doomed to fail, full of frank confessions of inner turmoil, admitting ‘looking back it was such a dumb idea/five girls in the same coloured dress’ (‘Pink Champagne’). It is rare to come across an album so refreshingly honest, and it is this candidness, combined with Edwards’ aptitude for writing beautifully earnest songs that makes this so special. From the saddest declarations ‘you don’t kiss me/not the way that you used to’ on ‘House Full of Empty Rooms’, to the elation of a new relationship on ‘Sidecar,’ which features Vernon on backing vocals, by way of ‘Change the Sheets’ (which should go down as one best Americana records in history),Voyageur is an undulating journey which is simultaneously delightful and heartbreaking.

-from Issue 245 of Epigram


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