Three 90s acts you might have forgotten about

This week, I’ve been making full use of Spotify’s ‘Related Artists’ tab. To break up listening to Usher’s Climax on repeat, I’ve travelled through Destiny’s Child’s back catalogue, the collective works of N Sync and Justin Timberlake and into the dark corners of one-hit-wonders. This has uncovered some classics that you had probably done your best to forget about, but upon listening to them again, memories of childhood crushes, old TV programmes and forgotten dance routines will no doubt come flooding back.

1. BBMak – Back Here

Clever readers will clock the Millennium Wheel in the background, which didn’t open to the public until March 2000, however Back Here was originally released in 1999. Spotify’s biography fo BBMak describe them as ‘England’s answer to the Backstreet Boys’ however, unlike the Backstreet Boys who are currently touring the world with New Kids on the Block, BBMak went their separate ways in 2003. Wikipedia reports that Mark Barry is now working as a personal trainer in Bolton.

2. Adam Rickitt – Breathe Again

In 1999 Coronation Street star Adam Rickitt signed a 6-album deal with Polydor. Breathe Again was his only hit single, peaking at number 5 in the singles chart. His debut (and only) album, Good Times, reached number 41 in its first week of release, and subsequently fell out of the charts and Rickitt was dropped from the label. In 2011, People reported that Rickitt was working for the RSPCA as a capital appeals manager. The interview is quite a read.

3. Honeyz – End of the Line

Honeyz were one of those 90s girl groups that wouldn’t have existed were it not for the success of Destiny’s Child and the Wonderbra. End of the Line was their second release, which reached number 5 in the UK singles chart in 1998. In 2005, the band briefly reformed, and competed in ITV’s one-hit-wonder contest, Hit Me, Baby, One More Time, where they performed a cover of Nickelback’s How You Remind Me which is not dissimilar to the version that I sing in the shower sometimes.


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